Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years 2009

New Years was a ton of fun. We decided to go to 6 Flags. They were open till midnight with a fireworks show at the countdown. We were very impressed with what 6 Flags put together. There were decorations and characters dressed up. They even had discounted admission tickets. It was pretty cold but they had plenty of heaters throughout the park. They even had bon fires they people could stand around to keep warm. They had a dance floor with a great DJ. Jessika and I liked him so much we took down his web address so we could use him in June for our wedding. We are truly blessed with good friends. Some of which we haven’t seen for a number of years. There were about 9 of us total. Unfortunately our friend Joe couldn’t come with us. He was stuck in North Carolina for the holidays. He missed his flight because he had to be rushed to surgery to have his gull bladder taken out. Our prayers will defiantly be with him throughout his recovery.


Alysha said...

Geez you guys took a lot of pictures, I like how it turns into a movie towards the end and of Jeff dancing. Looks like fun!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! It's about time I found a babysitter so I could do stuff like this again! lol

Great news on finding your DJ!